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The T&E Story

It is a story of friendship and food, and a mission to create a great-tasting burger.

Meet Tom & Eddie: Two real-life men, long-term friends and business partners with similar backgrounds and interests, but vastly different personalities.

One is outspoken, boisterous and fast-thinking. The other is quiet, reflective and soft spoken. One dives in to everything head first, the other prefers to test the waters first.

They are a dynamic duo with vastly different personalities and an ability to disagree on nearly everything. Except for what tops both of their lists as the perfect food item—the all-American burger. With this shared burger love and boredom from retirement, this pair has partnered to develop a new restaurant appropriately named Tom & Eddie’s. Their goal: design a family friendly restaurant that provides customers with three essentials: delicious food, exemplary customer service, and an extraordinary dining experience.

To achieve this goal, Tom & Eddie dined at numerous restaurants across Chicago and throughout the US to assess the current state of the gourmet burger. To help develop their own better burger, the pair assembled a small team of co-workers to help develop the menu and framework for the restaurant.

The team quickly settled on a mission, to put "good taste in everything we do” and began searching for high quality ingredients from Chicago and the surrounding area. They also began a partnership with the College of DuPage’s culinary and hospitality program. Working with College of DuPage chefs and students, the Tom & Eddie’s team developed a unique menu lineup of nine signature burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, sides and milkshakes. In the winter of 2009, Tom & Eddie’s hosted an eight week test restaurant at the College of DuPage, serving over 1100 meals to friends, students, and members of community organizations in exchange for feedback on the food and service. The customer feedback was analyzed and the menu was tweaked to reflect customer suggestions and comments. And of course, Tom & Eddie spent numerous hours debating ideas, recipes and decisions. But with time, persistence and hard work, the current Tom & Eddie’s menu and restaurant concept was finalized.

The Tom & Eddie’s tale of friendship and food took on a new chapter as their first restaurant opened its doors to customers in August 2010. Come taste for yourself what two men (who can agree on very little) consider to be the best tasting burger around.

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